Pour Water: Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort is a simple, fun and addictive sort puzzle game.

The Pour Water game interface is very simple and the sort operation is very easy, but it exercises your logical ability very much. With the increase of colors and bottles, the difficulty of water sort puzzle will gradually increase. Rich and interesting game levels are here waiting for you to challenge! Enjoy the water sort puzzles!


• Touch any glass bottle to pour water into another bottle.

• The rule is that you can only pour water into another bottle if it is linked to the same color and there is enough space on the glass bottle.

• Do your best and don’t get stuck. Don’t worry, you can always start over at any time. Or use the help to add a new message.


• Control just by one finger.

• Multiple unique levels to play.

• Easy to play, hard to master.

• Best spare Time Killer.

• Play games anytime, anywhere without internet connection.

• Small running memory but good experience

• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Pour Water at your own pace!

Pour Water can not only exercise the brain but also relieve the mood, which is one of the challenging color fill puzzle games.

Show how smart you are! Sort it and succeed RIGHT NOW!

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