The Fishman

To discover the progression of the fish, you live in a world of monster evolution where every careless step can lead to a pathetic end. Your ultimate objective is to merge monster, evolve and survive.

Use dexterous fingers and a strategic brain to move your character, merge and become stronger. When you achieve the top levels, your haunted playground will be much more dangerous. Merciless fish man and monsters appear in every corner. Try to reach your limit before the death wave – which will float you with frightening fishy monsters.

You can only merge monster that are at a lower level or equal to yours. If you encounter enemies with higher levels, you will lose a portion of your HP. You receive experience when successfully swallowing a monster. Your character will level up when it gets the experience bar full. Try to go as far as possible to explore the process of the fish evolution. You may be surprised by a lot of unique characters.

This monster evolution game is designed to challenge your brain and bravery. You will encounter difficulties at the higher level you reach. Monsters in the game tend to be more and more dangerous. Be patient, careful, and brave to complete every single challenge and explore the evolution of monsters and the fish. Besides, the game offers power-up items to enhance your chance to survive and speed up your fish evolution.

How to play The fishman: Monster evolution:

– Move your finger on the screen to control your monster.

– Merge monster and the fish at lower or equal levels to gain experience.

– Dodge monster and the fish at higher levels. If you get attacked by them, you will lose a portion of your HP.

– Use power-up items wisely to survive longer and speed up your evolution progress.

– Survive as long as possible to explore new areas.

Highlights of The fishman: Monster evolution:

– Fascinating gameplay with a variety of monsters and items. The merge monster game style is familiar.

– Each monster has different speed and abilities

– Unique and frightening fishy monsters

– Gameplay and characters are updated frequently.

Stay focused, be brave and patient to join the world of The fishman: Monster evolution. Many challenges are waiting for you to conquer. You can play it anytime and everywhere, so just download it and start your monster evolution journey.

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