Left Or Right: Mix Monster

Left or Right?

Create your favourite monster

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Left or Right: Mix Monster, where your choices decide everything. Unleash your creativity and become the monster maker. With Left or Right: Mix Monster, the ultimate mix and makeover monster game, the possibilities are endless!

How to play: The rule is very simple just like the name – Left or Right. Each round, you’ll be given two choices of monster parts: left or right. This choice decides the part of the monster you’ll be adding to your monster. Will you choose the left option and add a set of fearsome claws, or will you go for the right option and select a pair of mesmerizing wings? Your choice not only shapes your monster’s appearance but also defines its unique personality. The power is in your hands to make your own monster truly extraordinary!

Remember: The options in this mix game are randomized, no two monsters will ever be the same, make sure it is challenging yet fresh and exciting for monster maker and monster creator. Once you’ve completed your creation of your monster , it’s time for the grand finale! Sit back and enjoy as your monster comes to life, dancing to its own unique rhythm with a trendy song. Don’t forget to capture this magical moment by tapping on the screen to take a snapshot of your monster’s dance.


– Unlimited items to choose make this game is a perfect paradise for monster maker

– Full control of your monster from head to toe, make it easier to customize your monster with your imagination

– Watch your monster come to life and dance for you

– Capture and share the best moment of your monster

Left of Right: Mix Monster is the ultimate monster makeup game that combines creativity, excitement, and fun. Whether you want to create cute and cuddly monsters or scary and evil beasts, the choice is in your hands.

Try Left or Right Monster to mix, match, makeover and create your own beast. Let the fun begin

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