Ants Simulator – Idle Ant

🐜 Welcome to Ants Simulator – Idle Ant Farm, the exciting ant colony simulation game where you take on the role of ant colony boss and run the ant empire own!

🔥 Immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of the boss in the ant colony! Feed your queen, hatch thousands of worker ants, and set up ant paths to collect food and resources to keep your ants idle!

🐜 Ants Simulator – Idle Ant Farm Game:

Upgrade and expand your idle ant colony: The ants in your ant colony diligently collect all the food from around and bring it back to your ant nest. As the food supply dries up, new and exciting delicacies will appear for your ants to enjoy.

Strengthen the ant colony: By using gold, you can level up your manager or buy more ant farms, upgrade their speed, strength and productivity to become an ant tycoon mighty.

Enjoy automatic ant management when the ants are idle: The manager will take care of your ant colony while you sit back and watch the gold flow in. But be cautious – hungry predators are lurking nearby, ready to attack your ant colony at any moment. Strategic planning and defensive preparation are essential to protect your ant colony and keep the gold flowing.

Endless customization options: With each new level, you will have the opportunity to unlock new and more advanced managers, helping you become a powerful ant tycoon.

🐜 The ants are always around us, waiting for a new leader – is it you? Join the idle ants to build the largest ant colony on earth.

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